Intentionally Curious

75. The Difference Between a Good Day and a Bad Day

July 24, 2022 Jason Ramsden Episode 75
Intentionally Curious
75. The Difference Between a Good Day and a Bad Day
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What’s the difference between a good day and a bad day?

When you saw the episode title what went through your mind? Were you thinking about all of the things that make a day great? Time with friends. A good meal. Maybe a trip or vacation? Was it no stress? Maybe the kids were good.

You may have had some thoughts about what makes a day a day bad. There was that jerk at work. You got cut off in traffic when you were already running late. Maybe it was because your lunch order got screwed up or you had a fight with your best friend. Or perhaps the kids just weren’t listening to you that day.

Wherever your mind went did it evoke thoughts of a past event? What about the feelings you had about it?

In this episode, I dive into the difference between a good day and a bad day and offer you some insights into how you might turn any day around.

Get after it my friends and we’ll see you next week!

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Hello, my friends what's going on today?Well, for me, I'm a little in awe today, right?It's episode 75.Holy moly.I like, I can't believe it.And I'm also closing in on 7,000lifetime downloads, which will probably happen before this episode releases,which again, just mind blowing to me.When I started this journey, I couldn't even imagine a few hundred downloads.So thank you.Thank you all for listening.Your time is the greatest asset you have and taking some of it to spend with me each week does mean the world to me, listen, to celebrate this episode, 75th episode, I'm launching a new feature for you all, so you can engage with me and each other.After you're done listening to an episode.At the bottom of each episode page on've added a comment feature.This will allow you to let me know what's on your mind, what you're working on, and it'll allow you to share any feedback you have on each episode.So today after you're done listening,head over to jason ramsden .com slash episode 75, and then just start sharing.Moving forward.Every episode will follow that same formula so Jason,and then the number of the episode.So the more that we stay connected and engaged, I think the stronger, the intentionally curious community will be.So I look forward to seeing you there.All right.Let's dive into today's episode.What's the difference between a good day and a bad day?When you saw this episode title,what went through your mind?.Were you thinking about all the things that make a day?Great time with friends, maybe a good meal, perhaps a trip or a vacation.Maybe there was no stress.Maybe the kids were good or you and your partner just reconnected and had a good day.You may have even had some thoughts about, yeah.What makes a day bad.There was this jerk at work.You got caught off in traffic when you were already running late.Maybe it was because your lunch order got screwed up or you had a fight with your best friend or perhaps the kids just weren't listening to you that day, wherever your mind went,did evoke thoughts of a past event.And what about the feelings you had about.I'm I'm a hundred percent certain when I said, what's the difference between a good day and a bad day,your mind started wandering a bit.And that's exactly what I anticipated because listen, the phrase is good day and bad day evoke some serious thinking in our brains.We easily recall what a good day feels like and what a bad day feels like.And we tend to get really specific about what happened on those days.What if I said to you, there's only one difference between a good day and a bad day.What comes up for you?You're probably thinking Jay that's that's crazy like that.I don't believe that at all.Right.There's absolutely no way that only one thing separates a good day and a bad day.There are so many different things that can go right.And so many different things that can go wrong at any given time and on any given day.So how can there just be one single difference between a good day and a bad day?It's just not.I hear you.I hear you stay with me for a moment.Okay.I know it's true.That there's only one difference between a good day and a bad day because I've tested it.I've worked on it.And I recognize it early enough on any given day to make a switch.And the more I do it,the easier it becomes.So what's the one single difference between a good day and a bad.It's simply your thought that it was a good or a bad day.Are you, are you screaming at me right now?You're yelling.No, no, no, no.There's, there's more to it.That can't be it.There's more to a good day and a bad day.And I hear you.I hear you.And if you break it down, if you,you look at it right at the very basics, there really isn't more to it.Like seriously there isn't more to it.Okay.Example.And let's say you wake up late for work.You don't have time for coffee or.Diet Coke, Pepsi, mountain Dew,whatever your Mor morning beverage of choices, you don't get it.Then on the way to work, you hit massive traffic and someone doesn't let you in.When you're trying to get to the off ramp,what's your first thought jerk, right?Maybe even harsher language.However you speak might be harsher than that.Then you finally get to work and your boss rings you out for being late jerk, right?Your computer crashes and you can't finish the presentation that is due before the end of the day.Crap, what am I gonna do?Okay.Is this a good day or a bad day, or is it just a day, 24 hours in length?Like any day in which you choose to think it was a bad day because of the things that occurred.Now notice, I didn't say in which you choose to say it was a bad day because of things that happened to you happened to you.Like that's an interesting.We all tend to have more, uh, thoughts like that more often than we realize this happened to me, that happened to me.Maybe it was just that something happened for you.Okay.You have no idea what might have happened if there wasn't traffic,maybe the accident ahead of you that was causing the traffic.Maybe that would've been you of you instead.If the day had gone, quote unquote,right the morning had gone.You got what you wanted in the morning.So everything was good.Maybe not getting that presentation happen for you because some important information changed at the last minute.Okay.Regardless a good day is a good day because you thought it was a good day and a bad day is a bad day because you thought it was a bad day.We never know how the day is gonna go right.When we get up and get going in the morning.But it is a choice.Your thinking, your thought is a choice about whether a day is good or bad.Okay.Are you with me or are you finding the urge to disagree with me?I think that happens a lot, right?When we try to dive into what we're thinking and there's this urge to say, no, Jay, that's not right.Absolutely.I disagree with you and that's okay.And if you're, you're fighting that urge to disagree with me,here's what I want you to do.Think of a bad day.You had recently.Okay.You got it in your head.great.Now think about what happened that day.What thoughts were going through your head?What decisions did you make because of those thoughts and were there opportunities to turn the day from a good day?I'm sorry, from a bad day to a good day.Sure.There were.Okay.Here's the thing.If you have your basic needs,met food, water roof over your head is any day really a bad.You're not having to wonder where your next meal is coming from or how you'll get clean or what you'll do for shelter to keep warm or stay outta the sun.Those are all things that can really make a day difficult when your basic needs aren't met.It's a difficult day.Okay.I'm I'm not trying to diminish what you might be going through in life.That's not my intention.Okay.It's never my intent.And I hope by now, you know,that's never my intent rather.I want you to get curious.About the realities in your life and to think deeply about what truly makes a good day or what truly makes a bad day.And again, I believe it all comes down to a choice.Now, some folks listening might say, well, that's just Jay you're, that's toxic positivity.Or you look at life with rose colored glasses.And to that, I would say that is just the thought you have that generates feeling for you about me.That's that ultimately creates results in your.About about me and I get it.But if you wanna have different results in your life, changing the thoughts about all of your circumstances in your life is the first step to making that change.That's why I show up each week sharing the things I have learned through my journey.It's why I do what I do.It's the reason I get up every morning to learn more about my myself, and just show up for you.It's the reason I keep improving as a human.You can keep getting better every day as well.It's literally a choice, a conscious choice to say yes, I'm going to take a look at my thoughts.My thoughts about my life, my choices,my decisions, the people around me, the things that I do, you, my friend are in control of everything in your life.And when you make a decision to change and grow your current life, like when you make a decision to change and grow.Your current life will just be a memory in the rear view mirror.And I believe that I'm all in on that a hundred percent.Now, if you're having thoughts about today's episode,please come and share them.Share them at Jason 75.Let's chat.Let's get connected.Let me know what's going on in your life and how I can help you.I look forward to seeing you there.I look forward to building a community with you.All right.Will you do me a favor?Go ahead and click that five star rating on iTunes and write a review.The show only grows when awesome listeners like you take the time to write the show and spread the word.All right.My friends that's it for this week.Remember be willing, be curious and be intentional.And until next week, keep doing the work.You've got this.