Intentionally Curious

48. Bring Me My Flowers While I’m Here with Shamika Woodruff

December 18, 2021 Jason Ramsden / Shamika Woodruff Episode 48
Intentionally Curious
48. Bring Me My Flowers While I’m Here with Shamika Woodruff
Show Notes

Shamika Woodruff is a personal and executive coach who serves corporate career women and women entrepreneurs who want to build a legacy they are proud of without the overwhelm and self-doubt. Alongside her clients, she curates space to explore possibility with curiosity, without judgement and a genuine interest in client success.  Shamika decided to become a coach to be the person she needed when coming up through the ranks of her career. Shamika holds professional coach training from Duke Integrative Medicine, the Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute and is currently serving in the US Air Force with seventeen years of service.

In today’s episode, host Jason Ramsden and guest Shamika Woodruff cover topics from faith, to perseverance, to what does right look like to you right now, and to saying no to things that are not in alignment with you and your goals. Shamika also includes a free gift for you! The "Be. Say. Do" workbook to turn your dreams into reality:

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Guest - Shamika Woodruff

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